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Tower Bridge - London

May 2015

I recall a misty evening in London as my wife and I stroll through the beautiful park, filled with vivid colors and the enticing smell of spring filling the air around us.

As we break through the last of the trees surrounding us, we are greeted by an awe inspiring vision, London’s iconic Tower Bridge. The two towers loom high in the misty starry night, as if they are engulfing the horizon. As we approach our destination, we hear the bustling boats traveling through the mighty river Thames, going about their everyday business.

I am proud to share the majestic beauty of this sight in my newest inspiration on to canvas “Tower Bridge, London”.

24” x 36 “10A/P & 25 S/N 18” x 27” 15 A/P & 45 S/N

Edition Total: 97
Location: Tower Bridge, London

Petals of Spring

April 2015

A spring walk in the park is one of my most cherished things to do in the big city. The colors of spring pervade the park as the aroma of the cherry blossoms fill the air around me. Up ahead, I glimpse the Gapstow Bridge, a picturesque scene with swans swimming busily along the stream. As I continue across the bridge and around the park, the sounds of bustling people going about their daily business can be heard. This hardly bothers anyone though as the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells overtake this bustle.

In the distance, I notice horse and carriage rides crowded with people intending to enjoy the fresh spring day with their loved ones. Feelings of warmth overcome me as the sun peeks out from the clouds, greeting the gentle breeze caressing my face. I can only feel blessed to witness such a breathtaking spring day as I continue along the path on my journey through Central Park.

This beautiful scene can only be known as the “Petals of Spring” in Central Park. I invite you to partake in the allure of spring with me as I explore this vibrant palette of colors on canvas.

24” x 30“ 15 A/P & 35 S/N 18” x 24” 15 A/P & 30 S/N 16” x 20”10 A/P & 20 S/N 9” x 12” 50 S/N

Edition Total: 175
Location: Central Park, New York

Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy

February 2015

One particular sunset comes to mind as I recall the breathtaking view of the ancient city of Rome. As I take in the breathtaking scenery, I spot the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona in the distance with the Trevi Fountain in the center, offering this view an amazing additional element which truly makes this moment special. Of all the beautiful fountains dotted around Rome, the Trevi Fountain is among my favorites.

Neptune, God of Sea and his two sea horses come to life and portray the unpredictable nature of the sea. The artistry portrays this God taming a natural element of the world which has no true master. This struggle inspires me to capture this masterpiece on canvas as the setting sun reflects off the emerald waters of the fountain. I can feel the sense of pride that the artist and the people of the city feel with this monument of Italy.

We invite you to partake in this memory of one of Rome’s wondrous treasures, the Trevi Fountain.

24” x 36” 15 A/P & 30 S/N, 18” x 27” 15A/P & 30 S/N

Edition Total: 92
Location: Rome. Italy

Autumn Memories


October 2014

The smell of autumn is in the air as the nights become colder and the leaves start to change to a vibrant mesh. As we cross the stone bridge, the last touches of sunlight enhances the green grass with the fallen autumn leaves with an amazing array of colors. The gorgeous old oak trees surrounding us are filled with the history of many breathtaking evenings such as this. Beams of light envelop the hanging moss from the trees in a golden hue of red and orange as the sun begins to fade into the horizon. When arriving at a clearing, an awe striking plantation home compliments the surrounding scene perfectly.

After the long hike, the warm glow of the black iron lamps over the wooden doors burn bright to welcome guests from a long journey. As I stand here taking in the last moments of the evening, I cannot help but think these final images compliment the beautiful day perfectly as I recollect my “Autumn Memories.”

Editions: 28” x 42” 10 E/E, 24” x 36” 20 A/P & 30 S/N, 18” x 27” 20A/P & 30 S/N, 12” x 18” 20A/P & 30 S/N
Edition Total: 164

Location: Inspirational